a place where people gather….experience nature….learn…..play…..get rooted…and grow together


At Simply Growing, we are looking to foster opportunities for children and adults alike, to grow and deepen their connections to self, others, and the natural world.           

 We are developing and maintaining a market garden that serves as a real-life, real-time classroom for the children and provides healthy food for both participants and community members. The children get to experience the whole journey: from seed, to sprout, to flower and fruit, to harvest, and ultimately to the table. Thus deepening their connection to the earth and in turn the earth’s relationship to their bodies.

We grow in 60 permanent raised beds, have two tomato hoop houses (one more on the way) and have 4 hoop houses (just recently constructed from donations) to help us grow and sell produce during the winter. We start all plants from seed right here at the farm, make our own compost, and are looking to construct a walk-in cooler and a produce stand this winter for use this coming season.         

 We are offering, and continually reinventing, a farm based outdoor educational program for the children. The program offers opportunities to connect with nature, explore the natural world around them, and to discover themselves as an aspect of that very natural world. It emphasizes hands-on experiences, positive reinforcement, and interactive play. The whole-child is fostered and the uniqueness of each individual is celebrated.                                                                                         

We maintain a multi-purpose farm building. A space where folks from the community gather to do yoga, conscious movement, and dance. Folks come to sit in silence regularly and hold space for one another as we celebrate each other and the growing of community. We look forward to it being a space where individuals can offer their distinct offerings; such as those of art, music, or theater.                                                    

All of this (and a lot more) happens on a 3 acre stretch of flat bottom land besides Elk Creek, in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. We are in a very secluded and beautiful valley, the Triplett Valley, that provides a truly wonderful environment for what we are looking to hold space for. We feel very fortunate and hope to share and benefit others through our offerings here at Simply Growing.